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X Ke's Lab

Led by Dr Xinyuan Ke @University of Bath, UK

"I am leading an interdisciplinary materials research lab based at the University of Bath, UK.

My teams work on developing green fabrication technologies of alternative high-performance functional building materials from low-impact resources (natural minerals, waste materials). Our mission is to deliver a greener and cleaner construction industry and

energy-efficient built environment."

Research Areas

Ultra-low-carbon Cement

Cement and concrete materials are indispensable for modern construction; however, they also bear high embodied carbon. Our research aims to deliver sustainable materials designs and innovative waste valorisation solutions for the development of future ultra-low-carbon cements.

Low-carbon cementitious materials.jpg

Advanced Characterisation for Durable Infrastructure Materials

From atoms to micro- and meso-scale, my team develops fundamental understandings of the reaction mechanisms of low-carbon cements and their durability performances, with the support of advanced characterisation techniques

(lab-based and synchrotron beamlines).

Advanced Characterisation.jpg

AI-powered Performance-based Design of Sustainable Concrete

Beyond lab-based synthesis, characterisation, and testing. Our novel machine-learning algorithm enables the performance prediction, design, and durability assessment of existing and future sustainable concretes. 

Meet The Team

Group Leader

Dr Xinyuan Ke

PhD researcher/ Research Assistant

Mr Vahiddin Alperen Baki

Mohamed Katish (UoBath).jpeg

 Research Assistant

Mr Mohamed Katish

Research Associate

Dr Lorena Skevi 


PhD researcher

Mr Jamie Wilson


PhD researcher

Mr Brian Ding

Yuxi Lu-Profile_edited.jpg

PhD researcher

Miss Yuxi Lu

Contact Us

4ES 5.05

Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering
University of Bath
Claverton Down,

Bath BA2 7AY 
United Kingdom


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